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Making a life transition can be difficult

Whether that’s downsizing, moving across town or across country, closing a business, or managing the estate of a loved one who has died- we understand and we’re here to help!

We’ve worked with hundreds of customers as they experience the end of one phase of life – and the beginning of another.

We love what we do and with every sale we look for ways to serve and make our clients’ lives easier during this process.

Our services


Estate sale services

With 30 years of experience, we assist families and those in charge of closing out estates to sell and liquidate the contents of a home. We do EVERYTHING needed for a successful estate sale:

  • Organizing
  • Staging with style
  • Researching with expert resources
  • Pricing
  • Advertising


Moving sales and downsizing sales

Moving out of town and leaving most of your household behind? Moving just a short distance but wanting a whole “new look”? Downsizing from a large home into a smaller space?

We can help!

Florist/gift shop liquidation in downtown Clayton, MO


Business inventory liquidations

We can help in liquidating the inventory of small businesses to simplify the process of closing up shop.

Florist/gift shop liquidation in downtown Clayton, MO

Our recent sale addresses speak volumes! 
We get around to some of the nicest Saint Louis neighborhoods.

Hawbrook Lane, Kirkwood

Barnes Rd., Ladue

East Polo Dr., Clayton

Bridle Lane, Frontenac   

Westminster Place, St. Louis

Hanley Road, Clayton

Carswold Drive, Clayton

Kendall Ridge Drive, Chesterfield

Topton Way, Clayton

Ladue Lake Court, Creve Coeur

Christopher Oaks Court, Oakville

Kent Rd., Ladue

Russell Blvd., St. Louis

Maryland Ave., Clayton  (Going Out Of Business Sale.  Yes we do those too!)

McCausland Ave., Richmond Heights  

Conway Close Rd., Ladue  (Two separate private sales in this neighborhood.)

Hawbrook Lane   Kirkwood

Barnes Rd.   Ladue

East Polo Dr.   Clayton

Bridle Lane   Frontenac   

Westminster Place   St. Louis

Hanley Road   Clayton

Carswold Drive  Clayton

Kendall Ridge Drive    Chesterfield

Topton Way   Clayton

Ladue Lake Court     Creve Coeur

Christopher Oaks Court    Oakville

Kent Rd.           Ladue

Russell Blvd.    St. Louis

Maryland Ave.   Clayton  (Going Out Of Business Sale.  Yes we do those too!)

McCausland Ave.  Richmond Heights  

Conway Close Rd.  Ladue  (Two separate private sales in this neighborhood.)


Jan & Bob’s work ethic, integrity and enthusiasm deliver a level of service that is at the forefront of the estate sale industry in the greater St. Louis area and beyond.
Cheryl M
St Louis - Personal Assistant
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I cannot recommend more highly the services of Jan Hoff and Family Affair Estate Sales. I was the personal assistant to a St. Louis business executive whose immediate family lived out of town.

Jan assisted me with their estate sale involving the contents of a multi-million-dollar home in Ladue. Her expansive knowledge and expertise in the field were invaluable. I was impressed with Jan's expansive network of companies and individuals with whom she contacted to provide their knowledge in order to obtain the best prices for some incredibly unique and rare items.

Preparation for a sale of this magnitude can be overwhelming and time consuming, but Jan and her team handled all of the details beautifully and we had an extremely successful sale! Lastly, Jan had the resources to hire a team to come in after the sale to clear out the house, preparing it for sale to the new owners.

The sale of a loved one's personal items is an emotional undertaking, and this family was beyond pleased. They felt their parent's belongings were handled with respect and dignity and sold to individuals who would provide new homes for their parent's valued treasures.

I would be more than happy to speak personally with anyone considering hiring Jan Hoff and Family Affair Estate Sales to provide more detailed information.

Family Affair Estate Sales has secured the trust of their clients, the respect of their colleagues and following of great customers.

We also coordinate sales of exceptional items (jewelry, fine art, musical instruments, etc.) with auction houses and other specialty buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are a few of the questions we often receive. However, each sale is unique. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Although we have conducted hundreds of moving and estate sales, we realize this may be the only time you may need the services we provide.

While each sale is unique, these are the steps typically taken:

  • Decide what items in the home you want to keep.
  • Remove personal documents, photos, and mementos.
  • Dispose of open food and perishable items.
  • We provide professional displays.
  • We clean, polish, and stage items attractively.
  • We research and price items to sell.
  • We market and advertise the sale.
  • We conduct the sale, typically over 2-3 days.

Yes, and will provide verification.

We understand that each situation is unique and we’re happy to answer specific questions you may have. Contact us here.

You’ll first want to go through the contents of the home and remove trash, perishable food and items you want to keep. For large items you  wish to keep, we can mark them “not for sale.”  

If you’re unsure if some items should be tossed or kept, ask us. As the saying goes, “one person’s trash is another’s treasure.”

An average sale takes two weeks from start to finish. The first week is mostly spent exposing all items for sale, displaying, researching, pricing, and photographing all items.  The second week we concentrate on advertising, marketing, and the selling process.  

That is determined by the house size, the quantity of items, the set up of the sale and the amount of “smalls” in the sale.  This is an important element of the sale.  We ensure you that your sale will be staffed with the right amount of hardworking, experienced, quality workers.

Most sales are conducted over a two- to three-day time frame.  According to your needs, you may find us selling over a longer period.  

After the home has been vacated and all items that the client is keeping have been removed from the home, we begin our work!  We begin by bringing tables, risers, tablecloths, and supplies.  We change the house setting into a store setting by using beds to display bedding, counter tops to display kitchen items. We unpack all drawers, arrange items attractively and for easy viewing.  We then research and price items, photograph contents, prepare the ad, and then conduct the sale.

There are many steps to conducting a successful sale, hopefully this helps give you a general overview.

We are paid on a commission basis.  We bid the commission based on quantity and quality of items to sell.  The level of work needed to conduct the sale attributes to the commission amount. The commission rate is agreed upon and written into a contract before any items are sold.  

More Testimonials

Bob and Cindy L.
Topton Way, Clayton, MO
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We really appreciate how professionally you conducted the estate sale, not to mention the great financial results. If you ever need or want me to extoll your professionalism and efficiency as a top-notch estate seller, I would be more than happy to do that. In fact, you may use this letter as an “A+” reference for your services. Thanks again for everything.”
Carmen S.
Richmond Heights
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Lovely, Friendly, Hard Working, Integrity, and a delight to be around! Jan and her husband Bob, and her team, never stop working for you. I would highly recommend Family Affair Estate Sales by Jan Hoff to anyone!
Bethany G.
Shopper At Large
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I am an avid estate sale shopper and I went to one of your sales this weekend. I was impressed with how kind, patient and professional your staff were. Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for greeting us all as we entered the sale and thank you for thanking us for our business. I find this kind of customer service to be quite rare and was very grateful to receive it.
Cheryl M
St Louis - Personal Assistant
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I highly recommend Jan Hoff and Family Affair Estate Sales. As a personal assistant to a St. Louis business executive, I worked with Jan for an estate sale of a multi-million-dollar home in Ladue. Her expertise and vast network helped us obtain the best prices for unique and rare items. Jan and her team efficiently handled all the overwhelming details, resulting in a successful sale. Additionally, Jan arranged for a team to clear out the house after the sale. The family was pleased with how their loved one's belongings were handled with respect and dignity. If you need more information, I'm happy to provide it personally.

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