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We find it helpful to have pictures of items that might be included in the sale. If possible, please send several photos to the email below. This will help us to customize your consultation in order to answer questions specifically to YOUR sale and serve you better.

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Frequently Asked Questions

While each sale is unique, these are the steps typically taken:

  • Decide what items in the home you want to keep.
  • Remove personal documents, photos, and mementos.
  • Dispose of open food and perishable items.
  • We provide professional displays.
  • We clean, polish, and stage items attractively.
  • We research and price items to sell.
  • We market and advertise the sale.
  • We conduct the sale, typically over 2-3 days.

Yes, and will provide verification.

We understand that each situation is unique and we’re happy to answer specific questions you may have. Contact us here.

You’ll first want to go through the contents of the home and remove trash, perishable food and items you want to keep. For large items you  wish to keep, we can mark them “not for sale.”  

If you’re unsure if some items should be tossed or kept, ask us. As the saying goes, “one person’s trash is another’s treasure.”

An average sale takes two weeks from start to finish. The first week is mostly spent exposing all items for sale, displaying, researching, pricing, and photographing all items.  The second week we concentrate on advertising, marketing, and the selling process.  

That is determined by the house size, the quantity of items, the set up of the sale and the amount of “smalls” in the sale.  This is an important element of the sale.  We ensure you that your sale will be staffed with the right amount of hardworking, experienced, quality workers.

Most sales are conducted over a two- to three-day time frame.  According to your needs, you may find us selling over a longer period.  

After the home has been vacated and all items that the client is keeping have been removed from the home, we begin our work!  We begin by bringing tables, risers, tablecloths, and supplies.  We change the house setting into a store setting by using beds to display bedding, counter tops to display kitchen items. We unpack all drawers, arrange items attractively and for easy viewing.  We then research and price items, photograph contents, prepare the ad, and then conduct the sale.

There are many steps to conducting a successful sale, hopefully this helps give you a general overview.

We are paid on a commission basis.  We bid the commission based on quantity and quality of items to sell.  The level of work needed to conduct the sale attributes to the commission amount. The commission rate is agreed upon and written into a contract before any items are sold.  

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